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Our team of professionals is committed to the long-haul and dedicated to sustainable watershed conservation. Whether it's monitoring, implementation, or planning, Rio Bravo Restoration can put together a team to help with your project. We draw on a diverse team of ecologists, academics, and backcountry professionals to meet the specific needs of diverse, multi-disciplinary projects.

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Jeff has worked as a river guide for over 30 years and his love for rivers and watersheds combined with his passion for conservation work led him to Rio Bravo Restoration. As one of the founders, he has worked on a wide variety of projects and has a special interest in bi-national cooperation, capacity building, and working with partners to foster long-term approaches to watershed management. Jeff particularly enjoys planning and working on remote river-based projects.


Kelon comes to Rio Bravo Restoration after many years working for federal and state agencies focusing on a variety of projects such as watershed, water quality, and vegetation monitoring, invasive-exotic plant management, and fisheries and stream habitat assessment. She is involved in the planning and implementation of almost every project we undertake and is an accomplished boater and back-country logistics expert.



Patty has over 25 years experience as a field botanist and has worked on diverse monitoring projects in the western U.S.  Her areas of expertise include taxonomy, vegetation association, and habitat assessment. Patty is a recognized expert in native plant propagation and currently maintains Twin Sisters Natives, a small native plant nursery. She has also worked as a botanical illustrator and has contributed drawings to several published works including A Michael Powell's Grasses of Trans-Pecos Texas.

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